Friday, March 31, 2006


Listening to Seroquel

So remember in the post below where I said I took the 25mg dose as prescribed on Thursday morning?

I went to work soon after.

I noticed the side effects about 50 minutes after taking the dose.

Woozy, dizzy, dead sleepy, and a balloon-like feeling in my arms and legs. I couldn't stay awake, there was a constant downward pressure on my eyelids. After twenty minutes of this, I wrote an email to a friend to come and get me from work. Three lines. It took 30 minutes to get it right.

While waiting for a reply, I looked up this little guy Seroquel and tried to find out more about him.

Well, he's an atypical antipsychotic, used for the treatment of acute mania due to bipolar I and schizophrenia.

Did I describe any acute mania to my doctor? No. But hey, he's the doctor.

Turns out that it's also prescribed as a sleep aid.

By this time I was getting pissed, as well as a little less sleepy. I went in complaining of not enough energy and focus, and I'm prescribed an antipsychotic that knocks me out? For acute mania?

No, no, and no.

So I go home sick at noon and sleep until 4pm. Like the dead. I wake up and get out of bed and feel like I've had the flu for four days. Turns out it grates on your histamine receptors like a garlic press and makes you feel, well, like you've had the flu.

I took my second 25mg dose that evening and slept like a baby for about 9 hours. I skipped the dose this morning and I'll take my evening dose tonight. I need to work, and I can't work while sleeping. If this persists all weekend, I'll have to call the doctor and tell him that I'm not taking the medication again on a weekday.

A lot of you might be asking "Why are you taking it at all?" Because I want to be better, and I have to rely on the judgment of medical professionals in order to get there. Now, if I'm going to change his mind about my treatment, I'd rather have another medical professional argue with him about it than me and my website going toe to toe with him.

We will see. Blogging, hopefully, under the influence tomorrow.

As always, check out reputable sources of information like NIMH for the best information. I'm just some guy on the Web.

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